Anyone can contribute a skill to this website.

Skills are organized by Vibe Field within the Vibe Model. Each skill raises your vibe from one specific vibe field to the next higher vibe field. The goal is compassion. Compassion at its highest vibe is an unconditional lovingness for all of life.

Vibe Field NameLink to Skills
Compassion JoyThe Goal
Gratitude Self-Love CaringSkills to rise
Reason Understanding WisdomSkills to rise
Mercyful Accepting ForgivingSkills to rise
Willing Optimistic EnthusiasticSkills to rise
Trusting Satisfying SecureSkills to rise
Courageous Truthful ExcitedSkills to rise
Arrogant Competitive ControllingSkills to rise
Angry Aggressive HatfulSkills to rise
Desire Craving FrustratingSkills to rise
Fearful Insecure AnxiousSkills to rise
Sad Grieving RegretfulSkills to rise
Hopeless Shameful DespairSkills to rise

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