Trusting Satisfying Secure

In this field you have let go of the fear that was clawing at you in the field of courage, truth, and excitement below. You have also let go of the need to control others and instead you trust them. When you release your grasp on the negative, your energy becomes very positive.

In the lower field of courage, truth, and excitement you began to accept inner honesty and integrity. In this vibe field of trust, satisfaction, and security is the beginning of inner confidence. You are not intimidated or driven to prove anything. Where courage sees challenges, demands, or rigid rules, this field sees principles and guidelines.

This field is calm, dependable, respectable, nice, patient, stable, genuine, honorable, content, cordial, humane, protective, available, humble, pleasing, friendly, mature, responsible, reliable, considerate, decent, idealistic, normal, sane, orderly, ethical, fair, balanced, and respectful.

In this field, personal needs are no longer totally dominant. There is no lack or feeling of wanting. The needs of others have become important. There is easygoing coexistence.

This field uses physical independence mercifully rather than for power over others.

Every vibe field is experienced in your present moment. This vibe field is directed toward the future. You trust that the next moment will be safe as well as the present moment. This vibe field is not worried about the next moment. 

Like the other vibe fields, it is a field of energy that you experience. But you will understand this field more easily if you consider a specific context such as an individual, a group, or something else like a car or a social situation.

No matter what is around you, you can resonate in this field as long as you keep a safe distance from any perception of harm. Are you far enough away?

You will be challenged when the actions of who or what you trust do not meet your expectations. Fear may arise and your vibe field might fall to courage. How can you regain trust in order to pull yourself back up into this field? Any one of the higher vibe fields can assist in doing this. For example, use the vibes of optimismmercy, and understanding. You could be willing to adjust your expectations based on a new understanding of the situation and accept it as it is, letting go of fear and the need for control. If you believe now that a person is truly dishonest, then you can still resonate in this field of trust and confidence without blindly trusting them to be honest. You can trust people to do what they are going to do. You can feel safe around a dangerous animal as long as you take precautions.

Trust is not about their behavior. It’s about you and trusting yourself to do the right thing no matter their behavior. 

Once you have lost trust, you are pulled downward to a lower field of more constrained energies in order to feel more protected from things you can’t trust. It’s as if the lower fields are saying, “Oh, you poor person! You’ve lost trust. Come down here, I will protect you.”

Humility arrives in this vibe field. Humbly you see that you were not without sin. As you shed shame, confession and admittance happens. Healing starts when you say “I am sorry” out loud and you feel release from your heart center.

Trust has settled into my spine and spread roots into my porous bones.

There is a sense of well-being and confidence. You feel safe and secure.

My gaze is steady and confident. I am feeling safe and secure. I am not interested in conflict or competition. I have nothing to prove.

Life has its ups and downs but it’s basically OK. I can roll with the punches.

We are safe and secure here. We can trust everything that is around us right now. For this moment, we can let go of all our worries and troubles. The world around us is providing everything we need.

“I humble myself to powers far greater than mine”.

When you are yin in this vibe field, you relax and peace out.

The yang side of this vibe field helps others.

Quotes and Memes

Everything is going to be OK.

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” ~ Jesus Christ, from the Sermon on the Mount

You cannot trust anyone to do what you want them to do. You can only trust that they will do what they will do.

“Humility is letting go of shame” ~ Peace LJ

Raise the Vibe

The next higher field is willingness, optimism, and enthusiasm. All you need to do to rise above this vibe field to the next higher field is to be willing to help. When you are around other people in that field, it will draw you upward.

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