Anyone can contribute a poem to this website.

Poems are categorized by Vibe Vortex in the Vibe Model. There are four Vibe Vortices, but poems appear only under the top three.

The highest vibrations are in the Soul Vortex. Poems there are about synchronicity, miracles, and angels. You can read them here – Soul Poetry.

The Spirit Vortex poems are about gratitude, love, healing, compassion, and joy. You can read them here – Spirit Poetry.

The Mind Vortex poems are about courage, trust, hope, forgiveness, understanding, and wisdom. You can read them here – Mind Realm Poetry.

You may have a poem that vibes with the Animal Body Vortex. We don’t collect them here because they are not useful for conscious evolution. Every poem and this entire website is about evolving from our animal vibes to the vibes of our higher potential.

Guidelines for  Poetry

Each poem is categorized under a Vibe Vortex and a Vibe Field within the Vibe Model. Each poem fits under a Vibe Vortex and Vibe Field because of the intention of its message.

You can submit your poem anonymously if you like.

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