Reason Understanding Wisdom

As you rise to this vibe field, there is an increase in your ability for comprehension, conceptualization, and abstraction.

Your life has more meaning to you in this vibe field.

This vibe field supports logical and rational thought. This is the “University Vibe”, the vibe field of science, engineering, mathematics, physics, and medicine.

This vibe field is not intelligence. Intelligence and the intellect are available in the lower vibe fields but this vibe field uses them mercifully rather than for power over others. It builds grand new structures for the good of mankind, not to destroy.

The energy of understanding enables the lower vibe field of forgiveness and opens the door to the higher vibe field of caring.

The limitation of this vibe field is that we do not understand the divine with the intellect.

The light of understanding brings a feeling of relief, “Oh! I get it!”

The feeling of knowing.

Understanding leads to an emotion of satisfaction.

There is a euphoria that can arise from deep intellectual thinking.

Being fully immersed in this vibe field, your awareness of your body fades away into the background. 

You feel benevolent to all mankind. Your intention is to make life better for everyone.

The yin side of this vibe field is used to tap into your wisdom.

The yang energy in this vibe field builds things for the betterment of mankind.

Quotes and Memes

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” – Jimi Hendrix

“Reason is powerless in the expression of Love.” ~ Rumi

“There is no place for transcendence in the scheme of Rationalism.” ~ Terence McKenna

It is not with the intellect that we understand the divine.

“When you are angry, you want to ease your suffering. That is a natural tendency. There are many ways to find relief, but the greatest relief comes from understanding. When understanding is there, anger will go away by itself. When you understand the situation of the other person, when you understand the nature of suffering, anger has to vanish, because it will be transformed into compassion. Looking deeply is the medicine most recommended for anger. If you look, you will understand the other’s difficulties and their deepest aspiration that they have never been able to realize. Then compassion is born in you and compassion is the antidote for anger. If you allow compassion to spring from your heart, the fire of anger will die right away. Most of our suffering is born from our lack of understanding and insight that there is no separate self. The other person is you, you are the other person. If you get in touch with that truth, anger will vanish. Compassion is a beautiful flower born of understanding. So when you get angry with someone, practice breathing in and out mindfully. Look deeply into the situation to see the true nature of your own and the other person’s suffering, and you will be liberated.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Raise the Vibe

This is special. Many of the greatest minds throughout history never transcended this vibe field to rise to the vibe fields of gratitude and love that are beyond understanding.

To rise above this vibe field is to enter another realm in another vortex,  Love, the vortex of spirit. The gateway into the spirit vortex is gratitude. Release your need to understand. Release the need for proof. Look straight up and say “Thank you” repeatedly until you feel it.

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