Moral Cooperative Human Mind

Three out of four people on earth resonate primarily in the Animal Body Vortex from birth to death. All of those vibe fields support survival. We are all animals and all animals must survive. It is not common for a person who has been resonating primarily in the animal body vortex for a long time to then rise to the human mind vortex, the paradigm of cooperation, morality, and nobility.

The timeline of the known history of humanity starts with the Materialist Competitive Animal Body paradigm. Those stories were primarily about humans killing other humans. In the last one thousand years, our stories evolved. Humans cooperated with each other to create community. The vibe fields of the vortex of the human mind built civilizations. Then came nobility, intellectual thought, education, social services, and volunteering. The vibes in this vortex are about Win-Win and acceptance. It’s about us, not just me.

The vibe fields of the human mind vortex do value truth while the vibe fields of animal body vortex do not value truth.

The human mind vortex includes these five vibe fields listed here from the highest vibe frequency to the lowest.

Reason Understanding Wisdom
Merciful Accepting Forgiving
Willing Optimistic Enthusiastic
Trusting Satisfying Secure
Courageous Truthful Excited

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