Materialist Competitive Animal Body

These vibrations of the vibe fields in the animal body vortex are the lowest vibrations that a human being can have. They all support the survival of your animal. We have all experienced almost all of them over the course of our lives. We are all animals. It’s good to have an animal that is responsible for keeping us alive!

In this entire realm of vibe fields, truth is not valued. There is no real happiness here. Power is limited here. Anything accomplished is done by force. Animal survival is the driving energy. The core of the narcissistic ego resides here along with selfishness, the need to control, addiction, denial of a higher power, clutching, fight-or-flight, win-lose, competition, and me, me, me.

The animal body vortex includes these six vibe fields from the highest vibe frequency to the lowest. Click on any link to see more details.

Arrogant Competitive Controlling
Angry Aggressive Hateful
Desire Craving Frustrating
Fearful Insecure Anxious
Sad Grieving Regretful
Hopeless Shameful Despair

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