Jazz is an attitude. The Jazz Attitude is one of unconditional acceptance. It has the belief that everyone is doing the best they can.

Jazz is based on the firm belief that we are all created equal. Unconditional acceptance is developed through the practice of letting go of any and all comparisons and judgments immediately as they are noticed.

Duke Ellington once defined jazz as “freedom of expression”. The Peace Love Jazz philosophy is one of radical acceptance. I accept your Jazz exactly as it is, unconditionally.

Jazz stands on the motto “Don’t Yuck Anybody Else’s Yum”.

Remember all those times when you would get very upset by things that people did? On your deathbed, you will look back on all of it and realize the beauty in the perfection of all that was. Now, you can say, “I forgive everyone for everything”. I totally accept their Jazz. It was their Jazz. It was not designed to hurt me. My suffering was made by me. From now on, whenever I notice my negative reaction to your jazz, I will choose to let go of my negative reaction to your Jazz and to radically accept it 100%!

That is the Jazz Attitude.