Arrogant Competitive Controlling

Believe it or not, this vibe field is aspired to by the majority of mankind today. It includes arrogance, competition, control, denial, distrust, egotism, judgement, and skepticism. This vibe field feels good compared to the vibe fields of shame, grieffeardesire, and anger. The higher your vibe goes within this field, the better you feel. It is very gratifying to feel all “juiced”.

This is the “Me” vibe. In this vibe field, you are the most important person in it. This type of pride looks good and it knows it. It struts its stuff in the parade of life.

The use of superlatives and hyperbole are evidence of this vibe field.

This is the vibe of “Survival of the Fittest”. Your animal is in charge.

There are a lot of feel-good body emotions in this vibe field including annoyance, arrogance, contempt, pride, rejection, sarcasm, and scorn.

When I am resonating in this vibe field, all I think about is winning. Everything is a competition. It’s us vs them.

I have to do everything around here. I’m important. I’m in control. I don’t need help.

Listen to me. I’ll tell you who’s in and who’s out.

The best people work here. The worst people are working for our competitors.

There’s no god and you are stupid to think there is.

I can do whatever I want. It won’t make a difference in the world.

There’s a right way and a wrong way here. I want it right but I can’t trust anybody to do it right so I’ll do it myself.

Hey! I’m the victim here! They weren’t being fair.

Animal Pride

Animal pride only looks good when compared to the lower vibe fields, so if you are mired in a lower field, pride can pull you up and out of it. From the perspective of the higher vibe fields, the arrogance of animal pride is distasteful. 

To be proud is to feel satisfied or honored, but can also mean arrogant and sinful. To be prideful is to be arrogant, full of disdain, or haughty. Pride is self-glorification. You deify yourself. Aristotle thought it was a virtue. But pride is widely known as one of the seven deadly sins. 

Pride can easily lead to frustration, anger, and rage. Be cautious with the prideful, for they can become spiteful or vengeful.


Atheism actively denies any greater power than your own. Agnosticism does not deny the possibility of a higher power and may vibe in higher fields, but atheism cannot rise higher than this vibe because of denial. The narcissistic core of the ego thinks it is god and hates anything that refutes its divinity.


Arrogance expresses lack and is needy. It constantly makes comparisons between self and others in order to get admiration and validation of superiority. Vanity and self-admiration emerge from these comparisons. 


This field is competitive, not cooperative. I win, you lose. It is not a win-win vibe.

This vibe field takes sides on everything. Competition is a way of life in this field. This is not a friendly competition; this is win-lose. Breaking even is not good enough. The other side has to lose. This field gets juiced with scorn, like when it calls the others ‘losers’. Competition leads to envy, jealousy, getting even, and blaming.

There is an expensive downside to this vibe field. You are constantly attacked and you have to guard and defend your positions. Knowing that the best defense is a good offense, this vibe field makes liberal use of sarcasm, ridicule, and satire in attacking its enemies and public figures.


The Animal strives for control. Loss of control can lead to frustration and lower vibes. Letting go of the need to control is necessary to rise above this vibe field.


Denial is another self-limiting characteristic of this vibe field. The ego is a victim of its own limitations.

Recovery from addiction is impossible when there is denial. Addiction recovery is a long process with many steps. Denial at any step will halt the process.

Skepticism lives in this vibe field denying the truth of reality. Skepticism believes that perception is reality. Denial prevents skepticism from learning and therefore understanding. While the arguments of skepticism may be sound, they are based on limited knowledge, a subset of the whole truth.


Egotism is arrogance and pride beyond all else. The ego evolved because it was needed for animal survival. Even though the ego is burdensome and the source of suffering, don’t deny your animal. Your animal survived millions of years of evolution and you still need it.

Egotism both fears loss and seeks for gain. It clutches and wants to control what it has. There is magic in ownership, of saying “this is mine”.

The more the ego is fed, the bigger its appetite. In truth, the ego of this vibe field cannot be satiated.

Egotism says, “I don’t want the truth revealed to me. I’ll make up my own truth.”

The narcissistic core of the ego thinks that it is divine. That’s why spiritual development is a threat. The ego is trying to supplant god, to replace god with itself. 

The best way to subdue the ego is to acknowledge it, accept it, and treat it like a pet. Say things like, “Of course you want to be the leader. You are such a cute little ego.” 


The self-esteem of arrogance is supported by an inflated and exaggerated opinion rather than on reality. Arrogance is highly visible, fragile, and vulnerable. The self-esteem of arrogance is brittle. Rigid and extreme defenses can lead to paranoia.

Judgement and Opinion

This vibe field feels that it has to judge everything that everyone does and to share an opinion of it. There is glamour in personal opinion. Opinion is the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability or understanding. Self-importance has been added to the appeal because it’s ‘my’ opinion. Outside of this vibe field however, personal opinion has no value whatsoever. Holding a position, being important, and being right are part of this vibe because they produce the juice.


Nationalism or “National Pride” is a form of arrogance and wars are the price, which all of society pays. It says, “We are better than you. We do not respect or accept you.”

To people who are filled with the lower vibe fields of anger and fear, this higher vibe field of nationalism feels great. National pride is the basis of religious wars, political terrorism, and zealotry. Out of this energy came Nazi Germany, WWI, WWII, and all other wars. Memes like “We will never surrender” and “The few, the proud, the Marines” resonate with this vibe field.

The news media pledge to be unbiased reporters with the ethics of nobility. Politics today in the media has reduced itself to this vibe field with the competition of a sports contest in a win-lose attitude.


In this vibe field, life is punishment. You feel like you’re being attacked all the time. You are both giving and receiving punishment, like an antenna that transmits and receives. If you can dish out more punishment than you get, then you are winning. 

Relativism and Truth

The truth is not valued in this vibe field. Relativism denies that there is an absolute truth. This vibe field includes relativism which redefines truth. When you are immersed in this vibe field, you think the truth is only what you experience.

The vibe fields above arrogance hold truth as a goal. In this vibe field, winning is the goal, not the truth. The vibe fields at arrogance and below hold  truth as irrelevant. 

Social Status

This field supports social classes and is often dependent on social image, fame, titles, and wealth. Subcultures have their own status markers such as “who you know”, your style, your car, where you live or the size of your house. 

When people in this vibe read the newspaper, they are seeing the status of all that is involved, along with the status of the people being written about. They walk down the street and primarily see symbols of status such as the labels on clothes and the addresses. All these things about life now become status.

Quotes and Memes

“To realize that pride is a limitation is already a great step in itself.” ~ David R Hawkins, MD, PhD

“Egotist: a person more interested in himself than in me.” – Ambrose Bierce 

“The nice thing about egotists is that they don’t talk about other people.” – Lucille S. Harper 

“We will never surrender”, “Never back down”, “I Win, You Lose”, “I’m my own man/woman”, “From my cold dead hands”, and “He with the most toys at the end wins.”

There is no god.

I have all the answers.

The few, the proud, the Marines

I may have a lot of faults, but being wrong ain’t one of ‘em.

“In my experience it is something common among atheists: an inexplicable, incongruent and visceral hatred for the very God they imagine does not exist.” ~ Joseph Stalin

“Hildegard was describing Lucifer’s choice as a refusal to look to the source of his own beauty. That’s why I prefer the word arrogance to pride. I think one needs pride, pride is the ability to see beauty in oneself. Arrogance is a refusal to see the origin of the beauty. Arrogance claims to be the source of one’s being and existence in light and beauty. That is absurd, especially in an evolutionary universe, because we are all products of what has come before.” ~ Matthew Fox on Lucifer

“We should challenge the relativism that tells us there is no right or wrong, when every instinct of our mind knows it is not so, and is a mere excuse to allow us to indulge in what we believe we can get away with. A world without values quickly becomes a world without value.” ~ Jonathan Sacks

“We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as for certain and which has as its highest goal one’s own ego and one’s own desires.” ~ Pope Benedict XVI

“The idea of cultural relativism is nothing but an excuse to violate human rights.” ~ Shirin Ebadi

“Make no comparisons, make no judgments, and delete your need to understand.” ~ Dr. W. Brugh Joy

Relativism poses as humble by saying: “We are not smart enough to know what the truth is—or if there is any universal truth.” It sounds humble but look carefully at what is happening. It’s like a servant saying: I am not smart enough to know which person here is my master—or if I even have a master. The result is that I don’t have a master and I can be my own master. That is in reality what happens to relativists: In claiming to be too lowly to know the truth, they exalt themselves as supreme arbiter of what they can think and do. This is not humility. This is the essence of pride.  ~ John Piper

Raise the Vibe

Why would you ever want to rise above this vibe field? It has everything! You can do what you want here. Feel all the juice of winning! People who are not aware of the benefits may never rise above this vibe field.

Here are some practices that will help you to rise to a higher vibe field:

  • Realize that this field is a limitation.
  • Accept this statement of fact: I, myself, really know nothing.
  • Let go of all comparisons.
  • Let go of judgement.
  • Release the need to control. 
  • Release your denial of a higher power.
  • Release your attachment to the juice of being right. Relinquish the juice, the emotional payoff of the position.

Downward Spiral

Below are many ways to step up and out of this vibe field and continue to spiral upward from one vibe field to the next. The alternative is to spiral downward and drop to a lower frequency vibe like anger, craving, or fear. When you are vibing with this field, all of the lower fields are so easily accessible that you can easily fall into them. For example,

  • You can use the energy of anger at will.
  • You can get lost in a craving desire.
  • You can fall into fear from something frightful and remain there.
  • You feel guilty about being so boastful and prideful.

How do you keep from spiraling downward? You can use the energy of animal pride. This field would say, “I’m better than that.” That keeps you from dropping lower than this vibe.

What happens when you apologize? If you feel ashamed for what you have done, you could spiral down to humiliation. It is best to hold your mistakes with a decent regret. Be careful not to let guilt pull you downward. Hold the memory of your mistakes at a distance. Learn from your mistakes but don’t fall into grief because of them.


The top of this vibe is the platform from which you leap into the unknown, leaving arrogance, where the eyes are looking down on others, and rising to courage, where the eyes are looking up to possibility. What words will bring your eyes upward? The excitement of the unknown only works while looking up. When looking down, fear buries the excitement in the mud. Encourage trust in knowing that the decision to burst the pride balloon will be accepted in the future.

The next higher vibe field is Courageous, Truthful, and Excited. Go to that vibe field page and try on that vibe field to see how you like it.


This vibe field of control thinks humility is humiliation. This is simply not true. Humility is admitting or acknowledging that you don’t know everything, you can’t control everything, and there is a power greater than your own. Doing that does not have to humiliate you. Humiliation vibes with shame, guilt, hopelessness, apathy, and despair. Humility vibes with trust, satisfaction, and security. The difference in your experience of each is huge. 

Humility is a reality based on facts like you don’t know who or what you are and you don’t know your origin or your destiny. If your life has been full of lies, then humility may be your first trip into the next higher vortex of truth.

Humility is the pin that pops the bubble of the inflation of the arrogance vibe.


Gratitude easily replaces arrogance. Simply give all credit to a higher power.

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