This quote, “Look who thinks he’s nobody”, is the punch line to an old and multicultural story. I like the quote mostly because when I heard Dr Michael Beckwith tell the story (on a CD with David R Hawkins, MD PhD), everybody laughed at the punch line and it always makes me smile.

The quote also reminds me to keep a humble vibe. Humility has power. Humility has the power to overcome the forces of pride and anger. Humbly speaking the truth is the key to the gateway out of hell. When a lie leaves your lips, your spirit is thrown right back into Dante’s Inferno. How do we escape the vortex of hell? Speak only truth, of course!

After a month of looking at the quote, “Look who thinks he’s nobody”, I found this quote from Ram Dass, “You have to be somebody before you can be nobody”. I thought, Oh no, I’ve never been somebody! And just when I thought I was being cool being nobody, now my cover is blown.