What is Love?

Let’s explore the spectrum in the Vibe Model between “Reason, Understanding, Wisdom” and “Peace, Enlightenment, Oneness”. We call this the Spectrum of Love.

From the bottom to the top, there is progressively more energy as you move from a lower field to a higher field.

The table on the right is an expansion of the Love energy fields into more detail.





Love is a spectrum of energy fields that are progressively  (from the bottom of this table to the top) unconditional, unchanging, and permanent.

Joy Joy is the ecstatic feeling that everything is made of love. Energy flows through you like a fountain of light. Joy is the highest vibration that a human can achieve on purpose.
Unconditional Love Unconditional love is unchanging and permanent compassion and unconditional acceptance. You enter the room of compassion, lock the doors, and choose compassion for everyone, in all situations, under all conditions, and at all times.
Compassion Compassion literally means to suffer together. It is a full body feeling of sympathy and empathy with the desire to alleviate the sorrow. It is vital to the survival of our species.
Lovingness Lovingness is a way of being in the world. It is forgiving, nurturing, and supportive. Lovingness results in the return of love. To be loving is to be lovable.

The more that love is practiced, the more unconditional it becomes.

Healing This field is the openness to the healing power of love.

You can receive, channel, and give this healing power.

Love of others Here, love expands your sense of self. It is inclusive. It rises above separation. It is possible to be “one with another” with no barriers. It can lift others and accomplish great feats because of its purity of motive. It is enhanced with “I still love you”.
Love of self Self-love is self-acceptance. You let go of comparison to others and of self-judgement. It is progressively reaching unconditional acceptance of yourself.
Love Love is complete. It has no needs. All love is accompanied by a release of endorphins. Humans can detect and receive love, feel love within, and give and spread love.
Thankfulness Thankfulness is the main doorway to love. The feeling center is in your chest. It starts with a feeling a mild tranquility then a feeling of opening like a flower. Pull the blanket of thankfulness up to your chin and snuggle in the warmth of gratitude.
Love is above intellect Love is not intellectual and does not come from the mind. Rather, love emanates from the heart. Reason deals with particulars. Love deals with the whole (holy and divine).

Your Country’s Government

“Ultimately a great nation is a compassionate nation.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 – 1968)

Let’s explore your country’s government within the Vibe Model.

Here in the USA, we call our country’s government the Federal Government. To minimize my typing, let’s call it your “gov”. What is your perception of your gov and how does that compare to others?

We are not evaluating your culture or your corporations. In this survey, it is just how you feel about your gov. It is not about foreign policy either, only how your gov affects you. But, we are looking at the whole gov, not just a single branch (the leader, the judges, or any one branch that you might be dealing with the most). Just for this survey, how do you feel overall about all aspects of your gov that affect you? Let’s look at the spectrum of vibes in the Vibe Model.

Vibe FieldYour Government
Peace, Enlightenment, OnenessIs your gov at your will, doing everything exactly how you think it should be done? Probably not, but if you felt like it did, that would be the ideal, wouldn’t it? You couldn’t get any better than being “One with Gov“.
Compassion, Joy, Ecstasy, Lovingness, Caring, Healing, Gratitude, ThankfulnessSince your gov is also the gov of thousands, millions, or even a billion other people, what would be the ideal gov for the many? Do you live in complete peace? Is it the goal of your gov to assure that every aspect of your life is bathed in love and that you experience joy whenever you want? If it is, then your gov is the “Peace and Love Gov“.
Reason, Understanding, WisdomWithout a loving gov, what’s the best we can get? Perhaps your gov is wise and understanding of the collective and individual needs of its people. Is your gov providing meaningful work for all of its citizens? Is your gov distributing the wealth of its people in a fair manner? Is your gov intelligently planning for the future with wisdom? If so, then your gov is the “Wise Gov“.
Acceptance, Mercy, Forgiveness, Cheer, Willingness, OptimismWithout that wisdom then, what’s the best gov you could have? Does it nurture a harmonious life for all, treating all equally? Does your gov inspire you to have hope, optimistic that life is getting better all the time? An ideal gov like this would pay you to get a higher education so that you can be a happier and more productive citizen. Does your gov at least have the intention to keep evolving to meet the needs of its citizens to maximize your potential? If so, then your gov is the “Inspiring Gov“.
OK, Trust, ConfidenceIf you don’t feel inspired by your gov, then what’s the next best gov? Can you trust your gov? Does your gov enable its people and not block them from following their own inspirations? Is everything that your gov does satisfactory to you? If so, then your gov is the “Enabling Gov“.
Courage, Challenge, StimulatingIf not, then at least your gov is on your side and not against you. Even if your gov doesn’t enable your success, at least they don’t get in the way of it. You don’t feel like you’re prevented or restricted but instead you feel permitted to seek happiness. Doing what you want is still allowed. Do you feel affirmed by your gov to do whatever you have the courage to do? If so, then your gov is the “Allowing Gov“.
Pride, Competition, ControllingBut, you say, I don’t feel like my gov is really looking out for my interests. There are too many things I’m not allowed to do. Plus, it feels like my gov wants what I have and will take it with force if I don’t comply with all their rules. If you feel this way, then your gov is the “Demanding Gov“.
Anger, Aggression, HatredIt’s worse than that, you say? Does your gov aggressively antagonize you when your only sin is being a citizen? Is there social injustice and inequality? If so, then your gov is the “Antagonistic Gov“.
Desire, Craving, DisappointingIt could be worse, you know. Maybe you feel that it is. Maybe you thought your country would offer more. You might be disappointed in your gov. Your gov has denied you your rights that you feel you deserve. You want more but you are a slave to your gov. Your gov is the “Denying Gov“.
Fear, Insecurity, AnxietyNo? It’s even worse than that for you? You live in fear and it’s because of your gov. You withdraw in every way from everything, afraid and constantly wanting better. Your gov is the “Gov of Fear“.
Grief, Sadness, Loss, DepressionWhat could be worse? You had to ask. Your gov sees its citizens as a burden. You feel unworthy. You have suffered great loss and sadness. Your gov is the “Gov of Grief“.
Hopelessness, Apathy, DespairAt least you had hope with that gov. You cried but you also ate. When your situation gets worse, even your hope fades away. You feel condemned by your gov. In despair, you stop trying. Your gov is the “Gov of Condemnation“.

Which is your country’s government? Which government do you want? Which government do you feel you can you get in your lifetime?