By Ron Kearns

In the very earliest time
when time mattered little,
the earth cared for herself.
And those who walked upon her
carrying neither anger nor greed,
cared for one another.

In those earliest of times
time mattered little.
Cycles married light to darkness
while seasons singing together
sounded their own sacred rhythms
…. fire was the only God

But over time
the goodness of it all began to unravel.
The light and warmth of the fire faded,
and there spread over the land
a grayness, a chill
offering little, but the invention of hope.

Yet some people of that time
being tired, cold and hungry
and having dreamt of
the garden which once was,
bit into an apple of hope
finding new ways to see.

It was then time stopped,
and fire had its rebirth
within the hearts and minds of all peoples.     
Differences, indifference disappeared.
People came together again.             
It was the time of a  Great Turning.

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