Global Meditation

By Clyde Bruffee Hager

This is an advanced meditation not recommended for beginners. Practicing the prequel, Spiritful Meditation, will better prepare you for this meditation.

This is for meditators, philosophers, and other explorers of the non-physical.

There are a lot of people meditating now compared to when I started doing it here in the USA after the Beatles and others got involved in bringing the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to visit. It really caught some fish in that small net. Now there are a lot of small nets catching lots of fish around the world. Today we see meditation growing. People who are meditating are showing signs of calmness and happiness. Other people see that and they want to have that too. That’s one way that it grows. There is no end in sight to the spread of happiness.

What if there comes a time far into the future when more and more people are not only meditating but also being more mindful and more spiritful? What if there’s some threshold of energy, awareness, and consciousness that gets crossed?

Would you like to explore that? How about a thought experiment? An exploration into the future? A what-if?

Imagine all of humanity, all living human beings, stop what they are doing at the same time. This is planned well in advance so that all transportation is grounded and comes to a full stop. There is buy-in around the globe as well as humans who are residing off the planet.

This will be way into the future following a long thread of spiritual awakening. Along the thread, everyone will have heard about meditation and most people will have had some practice focusing their mind. What kind of meditation will they be doing at this time?

For ten minutes, we are all going inside our body-mind-spirit vortices of individual intelligence, knowledge, and intention to experience the same guided imagery.

First, make sure that your physical body is appeased. Use your breath to give  “attention to the tension.” Before we start, make sure your body agrees to let go of any demands for attention. To your body, say “Thank you for letting go of your need for attention. Thank you for giving us this moment. ”

All physical sensation will fall into the background anyway as our vibration is increased to the mental when we focus our attention on our mantra. To your mind, say “Thank you for guiding us into meditation. Thank you for dissolving all thoughts and letting them fall away. Thank you for giving us this moment. ”

Our intention to meditate increases as we lift our eyes and our attention higher and higher into the spirit realm. We repeat our mantra, “Thank you. ”

As this constant focus on “Thank you” continues for this time and throughout this moment, we renew our intention to lift our eyes even further leaving the fountain of thoughts far below.

Healing energy begins to flow and increases as we lift our eyes further. We resonate with the healing energy and fill our being with “Thank you.”

Allow the resonance with compassion for all of humanity to emerge. Allow it to grow with each breath.

Now all of humanity is resonating in unconditional love and compassion. We are increasing joy with each inbreath. We let go of all that is not joy with each outbreath.

Looking straight up, we feel the white fountain of joy rising up through our spine and out the top of our head, swirling around the earth in a global vortex of the energy of joy.

Your attention is at the top of this vortex of spiritual energy. Joy is flowing out the top like a fountain of bright sparkling white light.

Notice the sound of “Thank you” at the bottom of the vortex now resonating with all humans. 

Another vortex above with an even higher vibration attracts your attention. 

You might have voice inside that is saying, “No, I refuse to let go of joy. This is me. I am full of joy and life doesn’t get any better than this. Why in the world would I ever let go of this joyful feeling?”

The vortex of the higher vibrations pulls you upward. Your eyes follow upward. A sense of oneness unfolds. The sensation of your lifted eyes slowly dissolves. The resonance of vibrations is so high that all experience begins to disappear while a silent allness continues to expand.

You are infinite peace.

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