About Peace Love Jazz

What is Peace Love Jazz all about?

Peace Love Jazz is about your spiritual awakening.

It starts with what you are. What are you? You are not just your 100 trillion cells, 90% of which are microbes. You are not just the voices in your head. You are not just your thoughts. In these pages you will begin to appreciate and then believe that you are also a vortex of intelligence navigating its way through a spectrum of Vibe Fields while being drawn to higher and higher fields of vibration to the field known as enlightenment, oneness, nonduality, nirvana, and peace beyond all understanding.

You are Peace Love Jazz!

The Vibe Model is a tool that your spiritual self can use to awaken.


Peace is your experience when you enter the vortex of the soul. These are the highest vibe fields. Thousands of years ago, the Buddha taught people how to raise their vibe to these fields. The human mind is incapable of understanding these fields. You are not going to believe any of what you read about this vortex. Few have even heard of enlightenment. Fewer still follow the path toward it. Only one in 10 million people make the decision to dedicate their life to awakening. You can see the full description here in the Enlightened Peaceful Soul, but the experience of enlightenment is ineffable. It cannot be described in words.


Love is the highest vibration that a human can attain on purpose. Love is why you are here. This love is not the love you see in the movies. Love is a spectrum of vibrations that begins with “Thank you”. We call it the Gratitude Gateway. From gratitude, as the vibrations get higher, you resonate with caring, self-love, kindness, lovingness, healing, compassion, and joy. You can experience moments of unconditional love at any time by means of your personal will and intention. You can see the full description here in the Loving Guiding Spirit.


Jazz is all the other vibe fields that are possible while being human. Your jazz is what you do. The Jazz Vibe Fields are in two vortices, the life-affirming Materialist Competitive Animal Body vortex and the life-denying Moral Cooperative Human Mind vortex.

Why are you here? To learn about what you really are. There is a strange attractor, a map, a path, tools, skills, and much more. You can also read a further discussion about Jazz, the attitude.