About the Vibe Model

There is a spectrum of human vibes from the bottomless pit of hopeless misery, to the juiciness of winning, to the nobility of hope and mercy, to the love and joy of the divine. Each rise from a lower vibe to a higher vibe brings you more power, more truth, more happiness, more beauty, and more peace.

Forget about objects and things. Enter the post-materialistic world. Everything in the universe is just vibrations of imaginary strings.

The Vibe Model gives you:

  • An understanding of human nature as fields of vibration.
  • A tool for spiritual development.
  • A way to measure your conscious evolution.

You are a spectrum of vibe fields!

What is a Vibe Field?

Every vibe field is a different experience of being.

All human experience happens in a Vibe Field. A Vibe Field includes your attitude, perception, and experience.

We resonate with Vibe Fields. We tend to resonate in one Vibe Field, our home base. But, the entire range is possible at any time.

You are both transmitting and receiving the field vibrations.

Within each field, you think it’s the only field.

You body and mind are heavily influenced by each field in many ways, including:

  • Blood Chemistry
  • Brain Chemistry
  • Physical Energy
  • Hormones
  • Emotions
  • Attitude
  • Perception
  • Experience

There are four Vortices of vibe fields!

There are four vortices of vibe fields: the Body or Animal Vortex, the Mind Vortex, the Love Vortex, and the Peace Vortex.

Major shifts in perception occur when changing from one vortex of vibe fields to another. It’s actually a paradigm shift in consciousness.

The four vortices of vibe fields are described here from the lowest level of truth, power, and happiness to the highest.

Body Vortex
The animal body evolved first with a reptilian brain that enabled fight, flight, food, and reproduction. Then the limbic brain evolved and enabled emotions, bonding, social groups, and short-term memory of pain and pleasure.
The vibe fields of the body include shame, guilt, despair, grief, loss, fear, desire, frustration, anger, competition, and control.
Mind Vortex
The Neocortex of the brain evolved and gave humans meaning, purpose, insight, abstract thought, and self-awareness. They built civilizations, science, medicine, and psychology.
The vibe fields in this vortex include courage, excitement, trust, security, hope, cheer, mercy, acceptance, rationality, understanding, and wisdom.
Love Vortex
As mammals, humans began to have spiritual experiences. They built sanctuaries for worship and rituals for celebration of birth and death.
The vibe fields in this vortex include gratitude, caring, self-love, healing, compassion, and joy.
Peace Vortex
Some, but only a few humans had mystical experiences that transcended the human body and revealed life beyond physical death.
The vibe fields in this vortex include oneness, nonduality, enlightenment, and peace beyond understanding.